Applied Intuition: Winter Solstice



Winter Solstice

This year’s winter solstice occurs Sunday December 21, 2014 at 3:30 PST and it is followed by a new moon at 5:36 PST. Winter solstice is comparable to the beginning of a new sun cycle for the Earth. I always think of it as the Earth’s birthday. This year having the winter solstice and a new moon together doubles the newness of the new beginning.

For many years I have meditated on or around the winter solstice and asked, “What do I need to remember this year?”  Use Applied Intuition’s Winter Solstice Meditation to discover what you need to remember this upcoming year.

The results have always proven to be powerful. Usually the message is brief and easy to remember. Something that could fit in a fortune cookie. Write your message down and post it around your house. I promise it will help when you hit rough patches throughout the year.

This year my message was PEACE. “To try and remain in a state of peace regardless of what is going on around you.” Wish me luck on this one.

If you aren’t comfortable doing a meditation you can use journaling as a tools to access your spirit or super- conscious and ask it, “What do I need to remember this coming year?” Write in stream of conscious style as fast as you can. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation. For many people writing long hand helps them access their super-conscious more easily than using a computer but do what works for you.

You can also use meditation and journaling to communicate with the Earth. Native cultures throughout history have viewed the Earth as a living entity and the dense planet Earth as the physical expression of that entity. The Incas called her Pachamama, in Greek mythology she is known as Gaia.


She has a spirit who can be communicated with, appreciated, and loved. She wants friendship, respect, and communication just like all of us do. You can enter into a conscious relationship with Gaia as your friend and ally. It will make you more aware of the cycles of growth and development she is experiencing and your grounding will strengthen as your growth and development synchronizes with hers.

Every year students in the Applied Intuition Clairvoyant Training and Graduate Classes do readings on the Earth, especially around the solstices and equinoxes. The Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing (beginning class) writes letters to the Earth and she writes back.

As an environmental educator, I’ve helped adults and children deepen their relationship with Mother Earth through becoming pen pals. Anyone can write a letter to the Earth.  Start the letter, “Dear Earth,” write what you want to communicate or ask her and then flip the paper over and allow yourself to become a channel for her to respond through writing.  Start her response by writing “Dear (fill in your name), and just start writing as if your hand was the hand of the Earth. Don’t think about what you are writing and don’t edit it.  Just write. Give it a try, you will be amazed at what you discover. Below is a pen pal session I had with Gaia on December 17, 2014. I asked her, “What does 2015 hold in store for humanity as a whole?” Here was her response:

“Well, 2015 will be very different than 2014. 2014 was all about shifting. 2015 will be more about creating what is possible. The more people take hold or take charge of their power to create, the faster things will change. 2014 was the shake up, to awaken people from their passive stance that they have no power and can only respond to what is happening around them. 2015 is about create what you want. Initiate, manifest, you are a creator not just a responder.

So much of humanity has gotten use to passively waiting around for someone to tell them what to do, what to wear, where to go, and how to act. Now is the time to decide for yourself, Who are you?, Why are you here?, and What do you need to embody to manifest your grace and gifts?

Oh, there will still be plenty of exploitation and corruption but as injustices come to the surface and people take back their responsibility to create, not just respond, we will be able to quickly create great things and changes in social structures and rules. This is an important time, a dawning of a new way of being: Comparable to other great social changes such as the signing of the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the end of slavery in the U.S., and the revolution of the 1960’s. When the time is right, attitudes and societal norms can change quickly.

And at this time, they need to change quickly because in order for humanity to survive, people need to pull together and stop exploiting each other and the planet. There is no room for selfishness anymore! There will still be disagreements and differences, so those with skills in mediation and peacemaking will be greatly needed. But most disagreements between countries boil down to resources anyway. None of these resources belong to any one group. They belong to me!

I’m the one who creates resources with the functioning of my bodily processes and if I’m not respected, I can slow down or cut off production of those resources. None of you would want that, so learn to respect me and each other. Share, for there is enough to go around. As your Mother Earth I love all of you equally and want you to thrive.
That’s all for now.
Love, Gaia


Tahara Ezrahti

Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course

Starts February 12 to April 16

Pre-registration is now open for the Winter Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course.  This beginning nine week course meets Thursdays February 12 through April 16, 2015 from 6:30 – 8:45 PM, in Goleta, CA (no class April. 2).  On-line classes are also available.

Attend the first class for free to see if it is right for you.

– Are you sensitive to the energy of others & your environment?
– Do you want to develop your clairvoyant skills to heal yourself and others?
– Do you walk into a room and immediately sense what is going on?
– Are you a healing professional wanting to augment your current skills?
– Do you get tired or overwhelmed in crowds?
– Would you benefit from knowing how to regulate your energy?
– Are you a lightworker, here to help the planet evolve?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Applied Intuition classes can change your life by teaching you how to heal yourself and others in a grounded, safe way.

The nine week Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course will launch you on your path to reading energy clairvoyantly. This course will teach you to develop your clairvoyant skills in a fun, interactive way, with a community of like minded individuals. You will learn to:

* Ground to the Earth
* Connect to Your Creativity and Life ForceimagesXMLCNNKZ
* Clairvoyant Reading Skills
* Clear Energy Blocks
* Using Color to Heal
* Chakra Clearing, Balancing, and Healing
* Strengthen Personal Energy Boundaries
* Kundalini Energy
* Integrating Your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies
* Tapping into Universal Oneness Energy
* Grounding your Spirit’s Essential Essence Energy
* Male/Female Creative Energy
* Resolve Karmic Issues and Past Lives
* Cellular Healing

Held at the Healing Arts Studio in Goleta near Patterson Rd. and Hollister Ave.

Classes are small to insure individual attention be sure to register early.  Space is limited: Call or reply to this email to reserve your seat and get directions. (805) 961-3947 email: To guarantee your space in the first class meeting it is recommend that you pre-register with a $20 deposit through Pay Pal.  If you decide not to take the course, your deposit will be refunded.

The Course includes:
* MP3 Recording of 10 Home Practice Meditations (go to  to listen free a Grounding Meditation from class)
* MP3 Recordings From Each Class,
* A Training Notebook,
* An Hour Reading with a Clairvoyant Training Graduate.
* Special Student Rates on Readings with Tahara Ezrahti

Tuition for Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing is $480. Classes are 1/2 off for students repeating.

This course satisfies the pre-requisite for the 10 month Applied Intuition Clairvoyant Training Certification, starting April 23, 2015.

Taught by, Tahara Ezrahti, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Development Teacher for over 26 years.

This winter an on-line version will also be offered for those who live out of town or prefer to study at their own pace.  More information about on-line classes coming soon!