About Tahara

Tahara Ezrahti in Her Own Words

I’m Tahara Ezrahti, the owner of Applied Intuition. I’m a trained clairvoyant and intuitive development teacher. For the last 35 years I have conducted clairvoyant readings, helping individuals from all walks of life – couples, businesses and pets find clarity, healing and direction.

I have also studied and incorporated information from other disciplines into my healing work, such as: High quality therapeutic grade essential oils, flower essences, counseling skills, voice dialogue, herbalism, astrology and Qi Gong.

I am a regular person just like you, who has committed her life to studying this path. I strive to be a teacher and guide not a guru or fortuneteller. It is my honor, privilege and great joy to serve you in this way.

What Sets Applied Intuition Apart?

Readings and classes offer practical solutions to improve your health, communication, relationships and connection with your spirit. It is about applying intuitive skills to your daily life. There is a heavy focus on grounding, boundaries and learning to develop your intuitive skills safely without the woo woo.


Tahara Ezrahti

Trainings in Clairvoyant Readings and Healings

Your Sensitivity is a Gift

I specialize in working with sensitive people needing guidance to maximize the benefits of being sensitive while minimizing the downsides. Sensitivity is a gift that becomes a liability when one isn’t able to manage their energy. Many clients and students are in the helping and healing professions, are empaths or just spiritually curious practice.

In addition to conducting clairvoyant readings, in 2000 I started teaching intuitive development courses. I’ve trained hundreds of people to read energy clairvoyantly to heal themselves and others and have created a community of clairvoyant healers in Santa Barbara and beyond.

I knew within a couple weeks of starting my clairvoyant training I wanted to do readings professionally and teach. I come from a long line of public school teachers and have a background in environmental education, training teachers and curriculum development. I utilize these skills to make Applied Intuition classes experiential, accessible and fun.

Clairvoyantly Healing

Clairvoyant energy healing can be taught to anyone sincerely interested. Everyone comes in with strong and weak areas that can be developed. It is a myth that only certain special people are clairvoyant.

Applied Intuition classes guide students step by step to read energy and develop healing skills. It is no different than learning a foreign language, an instrument, a sport or anything else requiring progressively building skills through practice.

My Biography

A Sensitive Child

Looking back, I was a sensitive child but didn’t have any obviously paranormal experiences. I certainly didn’t think of myself as “psychic”. I didn’t see auras or experience precognition or telekinesis. I could feel the vibe in a room and kind of sense what others were feeling but I thought this was normal and that everyone experienced the world this way.


Clairvoyant Healing Classes Improved my Life

My life drastically improved through taking clairvoyant healing classes when I was 23 years-old. I realized the exhaustion and overwhelm I regularly experienced in crowds, was purely energetic and fixable through managing my energy.

Learning to ground was perhaps the most important skill, but also learning to identify the difference between my energy and other people’s was huge. I learned how to strengthen my auric boundaries, clear and heal my chakras, work with universal energies to heal past lives and karma and improved my ability to manifest. The profound benefits I experienced inspired me to become a professional clairvoyant and teach others to connect to their own wisdom and healing.

A Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology?

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a BA in Environmental Studies and Sociology, I moved to Northern California to pursue a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Sonoma State University. My intention and affirmation at that time was, “To learn how to help people, in a way that was also healthy for me”. I noticed some of my psychology professors seemed emotionally unstable and I was a bit afraid of ending up that way.

Psychic Readings

A New Path:  Psychic Reading

At the last moment I bailed on graduate school, without really understanding why and got a job working at a dog kennel. I was 23 years-old and a bit despondent about what to do next. A friend suggested I have a psychic reading. It wasn’t anything I had considered before but I needed guidance and made an appointment.

The reading was helpful and clarifying regarding my life direction and desire to do counseling. I remember her saying, “You have strong healing skills but aren’t ready to hang out your shingle yet”. I asked what I could do and she responded that I could take her class. At that moment, I knew I would study with her!

Seven weeks into my first clairvoyant class I had an epiphany, “I am in graduate school! This is the program I was looking for. It just wasn’t in a college catalog”.

I studied there for seven years, getting what felt equivalent to a PhD in intuitive development. Along with taking all the beginning, advanced and graduate courses I started doing clairvoyant readings professionally, working as a teaching assistant, practicum leader and developing Earth Healing retreats for other students and the public.

My Commitment

With 35 years of reading and teaching I have developed a deep understanding of the human energy body and the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. I’m able to make complex subjects understandable and am committed to assisting clients and students at the highest level.

I live in Santa Barbara, CA with my husband, Oscar Carmona. We have a college-aged son, a deaf Australian Shepherd therapy dog named Clover, our orange tabby cat, Sebastian, five chickens and a large organic vegetable garden.