Applied Intuition Classes Start Soon

Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course Starts February 12, 2015

On-line/Conference Call: Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course Starts March 1, 2015

Sign-up today. Email: or call (805) 961-3947. Watch this video to learn more about Applied Intuition Classes

Read the summary transcription of video:

Hi, I’m Tahara Ezrahti, owner of Applied Intuition.  I’m a trained clairvoyant with over 26 years experience conducting clairvoyant readings and intuitive development classes. Applied Intuition offers clairvoyant readings for individuals, businesses, and pets. Currently we have three different levels of classes.

The beginning class, called the Introduction of Clairvoyant Healing, available in-person and online. There’s a 10-month Clairvoyant Training Certification that’s available in person, and soon will be available online and we offer graduate classes.

The Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing is the foundational class that stands on its own and is the prerequisite for the 10-month Clairvoyant Training Certification. The first thing you will learn is how to ground yourself to the Earth more deeply and how to shift your attention into the center of your head to access intuitive information easily and effortlessly.

Next you’ll learn how to run your personal life for energy, which is the fuel that runs your body, and is really the difference between someone who’s alive and someone who’s not alive. You’ll also learn how to maintain your auric boundaries, so that you can keep your life force energy circulating through your energy field, and keep other unwanted energies out. We explore the seven main chakras in the body and learn how to cleanse, balance, and heal each chakra.

You will learn to access your Kundalini Energy (listen to meditation) to power boost your system, and help your physical body evolve at the same rate that your spirit is evolving. You will learn what different colors mean when viewed clairvoyantly and how to use color to heal. Later in the class, you will learn to use universal energies, to heal physical problems, and  karmic and past life issues. The class ends, with balancing your male and female creative energies, and integrating your body, mind, and spirit (listen to meditation). The In-Person Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course is nine weeks. The On-line Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course is 12 weeks.

After that, students can take the 10-month Clairvoyant Training Certification. That training continues the journey and covers a lot more energy anatomy, learning more advanced protection tools, Earth Healing, karmic contracts, learning about how to safely use guides, learning how to read other people, pets, and much more. The Clairvoyant Training Certification provides a healing community for personal growth and professional development.

You are invited to pre-register, and attend the class meeting of the Introduction of Clairvoyant Healing class for free, to see if it’s a good fit. If it’s not your deposit will be returned. We also have several times a year in the Clairvoyant Training, where you can come in for free guest reading from students. You’ll get to have a reading and students get to practice reading people they haven’t met.

People who are interested in these classes are often healing professionals but also come from all walks of life — computer programmers, teachers, people in technical industries, artists, students, business people, parents etc. It really runs the gamut. The thing they all have in common is, they’re interested in strengthening their connection to their spirit. They want to learn how to bring more of themselves into their body in a way that is anchored and grounded to the Earth. They want to collect disowned parts of their energy and bring them into present time, so that they have more of who they are at their core — more of their creativity, more of their essence, more of their integrity, to do whatever they came here to do!

All the classes are designed to be very practical. It’s not woo-woo, airy-fairy, out there psychic stuff. It’s just really learning to use your God-given tools to perceive energy that is at a higher frequency than what our physical eyes can see and learning to interpret those images. The goal is to get more information to heal yourself, others, and the planet. I believe that, as we heal and evolve ourselves we are helping the Earth to heal and evolve and vice versa. Strengthening that benevolent and respectful connection between humanity and the Earth my larger mission in life. I hope to see you in one of our classes.

To find out more about Applied Intuition  Email: or call (805) 961-3947.