Winter Solstice Meditation: Bring in the Light

Winter Solstice Meditation: Bring in the Light

The 2016 Winter Solstice occurs on Monday December 21 at Earth_Empowering_Light 8:49 PM PST in the Northern hemisphere. The sun is at its lowest angle in the sky, rising late and setting early, giving us the longest night of the year.

Solstices and equinoxes are powerful times to mediate not just because of their astrological significance but because they are important Earth “holidays” that effect people regardless of religion or culture. The return of the sun is a big deal to all of us and millions of people observe these holidays worldwide. This focused consciousness creates a powerful opportunity to join with others in prayer and meditation. We can use our bodies to draw in light from above and transmit these energies into the Earth’s core, where they can radiate outward throughout the year. Please join me in this 11 minute Solstice Meditation.

Share widely and help light up the world,

Tahara Ezrahti


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