Winter Solstice: Let Your Light Shine

Winter Solstice 2016: Let Your Light Shine

We made it! 2016 was a year of purification with ugliness spewing out right and left. The spectacle of the US presidential election was like none we have witnessed. The loud, wild unexpected twists and turns of this year have left many shaking their heads, wondering what is in6deec0cdb1002b18fbf81cbbc62e2e3e store for 2017.

Buckle your seat belts. The energy of 2017 will accelerate and the road will get twistier and more unpredictable. In this chaos you have the opportunity to consciously step into the driver’s seat and navigate with your heart, mind and will. Your intent will mean everything as we move into uncharted territory, brimming with raw and wild energy.

Humans are a link between Heaven and Earth. Our bodies are connected to the physical planet and made up of Earth elements. Our minds can connect to the mind of God. Our hearts integrate spirit and matter. Take the reins of your destiny and the destiny of the world and use this wild card energy to create the world you want. Do it starting now. The window is upon us.

As individuals and communities we need to stop giving our power to “those in charge” and input the energy we want into the Earth grid. What lines won’t you cross? Where will you invest your energy and skills? What will you pray for on a personal and global level? What rituals and routines will you create to achieve desired outcomes. It is all up to you, up to us. We are powerful. We are light.

Waking up to our power and light is an amazing and beautiful thing. It goes hand in hand with increased responsibility for creating. As a civilization, we are no longer children and can no longer abdicate our responsibility to authority figures or experts. Consult with these people, use them for guidance but the last call is yours.

Integrating the right and left hemispheres of our brain is part of this empowerment. Gather information then meditate on it. Ask your higher self for guidance. Check with your heart and gut. Be open to unexplored possibilities. Don’t become a prisoner to your past, to what you think you know, to your degree, to the experts or to fear. Follow the truth wherever it  leads, even if it contradicts deeply held beliefs, identity politics, or your world view. We are in unprecedented times. Past rules may not apply and possibilities abound.

The Earth is going through a similar empowerment process. Claiming your power and grounding it into the Earth helps the Earth by example. An empowered Earth consciousness can decide what activities she will allow and support and which activities are no longer acceptable. We will evolve to a better world when the Earth and her inhabitants no longer allow exploitation, the sacrifice of innocents, and the manipulation of fear.

May peace be with you. Happy Winter Solstice,

Tahara Ezrahti

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