The Key to Accessing Your Intuition, Classes Start Aug. 7th

The Key to Accessing Intuition

Have you tried to meditate, only to find your mind chattering and your body restless? Have you had random intuitive flashes such as: Seeing energy, hearing your higher self or just knowing something without knowing how you know? Have you become frustrated with not being able to meditate and access your intuition at will? If this is you, there is a solution. The answer is: LOCATION.

There is a special area in the center of your head I refer to as the “intuitive center”. When your attention is centered in this location, your mind and body calm and your intuition opens up. 

Bringing your attention into the center of your head generates brainwaves that are approximately 7.83 Hz. This is significant because 7.83 Hz is the electromagnetic background frequency of the Earth, known as the Schumann Resonances or some call it the “heartbeat of the Earth”

When your brainwaves are at this frequency your body feels safe and your mind calm. Your body literally acts as an electromagnetic conduit, drawing more of your spiritual essence into your body. When your spirit is strongly present so is your intuition. You know the truth and can tap into nonlinear information. You are able to meditate and direct personal and universal energies for clearing and healing.

Everyone can learn to do this. It is part of our birthright. Unlike many styles of meditation that try to transcend the body, Applied Intuition classes teach you to meditate from within your body and connect with the Earth. This is the secret to meditating and consistently accessing your intuition and healing energies.

Anatomically, your intuitive center corresponds to the Interthalamic Adhesion, shown as the small white circle inside the light blue colored Thalamus. This is your seat of wisdom and healing.

Here is a fascinating medical article comparing the ancient Egyptian symbol of wisdom, the Eye of Horus, to brain anatomy. .

The Intuitive Center corresponds to the pupil in the Eye of Horus symbol overlaid on a picture of a human brain.


Listen to this six minute guided meditation to help you find your intuitive center and ground to the Earth.

On-line Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing

Sundays August 7 to October 2, 2022 from 11 AM to 1:15 PM (Pacific Time) over Zoom

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The On-line Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course consists of nine classes over Zoom. Learn to develop and apply your clairvoyant and intuitive skills in a practical, safe and grounded way.  Attend the first class for free to see if it is a good fit. Register here on-line.

Are you sensitive to the energy of others & your environment?

Do you walk into a room and immediately sense what is going on?

Do you get tired or overwhelmed in crowds?

Do you want to easily and consistently access your intuition?

Are you excited to develop better boundaries and not take on other people’s energy?

Are you curious about energy, spirituality and healing?

Are you a professional wanting to augment your current skills?

Are you a lightworker, here to help others and the planet?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Applied Intuition classes can change your life by teaching you how to heal yourself and others in a safe and grounded way. Everyone is intuitive and can develop their intuition but some people are more sensitive than others and require extra tools to help them accomplish their purpose here on Earth.

Few things feel better than to be filled with your own essence and be anchored to the Earth. Life becomes easier and more fun with more of you present to live it. Improving the functioning of your energy can benefit your relationships, health, business, communication, boundaries, creativity and well being.

The Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course launches you towards powerfully reading and healing yourself and others. Students start developing their clairvoyant abilities right away through step by step, practical instruction. The first step is finding your intuitive center and grounding. Attend Week 1: Grounding and Aligning to the Earth for free to see if the class is a good fit for you. Register here on-line.

Week 1: Finding your intuitive center and grounding to the Earth

Week 2: Strengthen your life force and personal auric boundaries

Week 3: Clear, balance, and heal your chakras. Learn to conduct a clairvoyant reading

Week 4: Utilize your Kundalini Energy

Week 5: Use color to heal

Week 6: Heal on a cellular level

Week 7: Tap into universal energies, access the Akashic Records and up-date spiritual contracts

Week 8: Read and heal past lives. Resolve karma

Week 9: Balance your male and female creative energies. Integrate your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies (watch video

The curriculum includes: Guided meditations, discussions, partner practice, group readings, and home practice exercises. The Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing course stands on its own and is also the prerequisite for the 10 month  Applied Intuition Clairvoyant Certification Training.

Tahara Ezrahti, owner of Applied Intuition, gives an overview of the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course.

Tuition for the On-line Introduction Clairvoyant Healing Course is $480. Classes are 1/2 off for students repeating. Attend the first class for free to see if it is a good fit. Class is held via Zoom Video Conferencing. Contact Tahara Ezrahti at or (805) 364-0195 to reserve your space and get the Zoom link or Register here on-line.


Student Spotlight: Students, Mike Galloupe and Caroline Deloreto, explain: How they integrate clairvoyant healing tools into daily life, how the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Class has changed them and who can benefit from taking the class.

Like learning at your own pace? Check out the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Home Study Course!

The Applied Intuition: Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Home Study Course is an independent study course covering the same lessons as the on-line Zoom course (minus the live partner practice).  You will have your own study portal with 14 instructional videos, 11 home practice recordings and a 24 page study guide.

This course is designed for people who like to learn on their own schedule and are primarily focused on self healing and personal energy management. Click here and watch a short video (on the right sidebar) explaining more about the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Home Study Course. Tuition is $220. Register here.

Schedule a Clairvoyant Reading with Tahara

A clairvoyant reading with Tahara can help you clarify issues and directions for growth and healing. Readings are especially useful during life transitions or rapid periods of growth. Tahara is skilled at reading the energy running through your body, diagnosing and clearing blockages and helping bring in new healing energies. She helps you connect with your own wisdom  facilitating, communication and healing between your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies. Read more.

If you have questions regarding: Relationships, family, work, school, health, relocating, business, emotional and spiritual healing, past lives, spiritual contracts, children, pets etc. consider scheduling a reading. Tahara is a trained clairvoyant who has assisted hundreds of old and new clients for over 30 years.

Readings are are 30 minutes ($80), 60 minutes ($125) or 90 minutes ($150) over the phone or Zoom and can be recorded.

Have a wonderful 4th of July. Please contact me if you would like more information about classes or would like to schedule a clairvoyant reading,


Tahara Ezrahti

(805) 364-0195