Spring Classes, Astrology + 9 Steps to Magnetizing Your Ideal Partner

Nine Steps to Magnetizing Your Ideal Partner All Year Long

Valentine’s Day is an odd celebration. I always wonder if it triggers more happiness or misery. Our relationships, especially our intimate ones are highlighted and it’s ironic how a day dedicated to love can make half the population feel lonely and left out!

As a clairvoyant I people help with relationships year-round. Valentine’s Day is just another Tuesday in February. One of the questions I get asked is, “Will I find love?’ My response is always, “I can’t fortune-tell if love will magically fall out of the sky but I can look at where you are now and where you want to go.”

The most important questions I ask are, “1) Are you being your most authentic self? 2) What qualities are you looking for in a partner? and 3) Who would you need to be, to be a good match for your ideal partner?”

A surprising number of people have never considered these questions. Getting clear on who you are, what you are looking for and becoming a worthy partner are some of the most important things you can do to magnetize a great relationship into your life. 

Intimate relationships are pivotal in the unfolding of our lives. Some relationship contracts are made far in advance: In other lifetimes, before birth or years before meeting someone. This often happens with “love at first sight” meetings that turn into lasting relationships. These are usually karmic in nature which is why you recognize someone on a soul level immediately.

Other relationships, that evolve and grow overtime, may still have a karmic component but you may be falling in love with a particular type of person or role and there may be multiple people who could full that role. These relationships are no less powerful and in many cases involve a lot of growth for both people.

One of the reasons relationships can be complicated is that most people you are close to now, you’ve had other lifetimes with. These love and/or familial relationships may have the same or different configurations as in other lifetimes. For example, your current spouse could have been your spouse, child, sibling or best friend in another lifetime.

You can imagine how this could lead to confusion and complicated communications in the midst of feeling intense familiarity and a karmic pull to be together. Recognizing the past life component in these relationships and bringing your spiritual contracts into present time can help you connect more appropriately in the present.

Even though we don’t have complete conscious control over our love life or the timing of love, we do have control over how we conduct ourselves and who we become. To create clarity about who you are looking for and who you need to become, do the following:

1. Make a commitment to be your most authentic self: To be honest with yourself, to love yourself and to discover what is true for you in the present. 

2. Make a list of 25 qualities you are looking for in a partner. (State what you want, not what you don’t want).

3. Number your top ten in order of importance.

4. Put a star next to the “must haves”.

5. Make a separate list of your deal breakers. (The things that would exclude someone, even if they had all the other qualities you are looking for).

6. Get clear on who you need to become to be a good match for your ideal partner and take action.

7. Ask the Universe for assistance and guidance in this process. Ask for everything to manifest in perfect timing. Let go and trust the process.

8. As you meet people and learn more about yourself, up-date your list and relationship template. Keep refining what you need and want and who you need to become. 

9. Seek help as needed to: Clarify issues, release family and cultural programing, up-date your spiritual contracts, relationship templates and heal past life karma.

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