Beyond Your Five Senses

Beyond Your Five Senses

Intuition has a lot to do with accessing information outside the normal range of our five senses. When I say normal range, I probably should say the average range for a particular culture because cultural beliefs and training can influence the development of our senses slightly, but that is another issue.

People who are very intuitive are picking up additional sensory information outside the range that science can measure and beyond what most people commonly pay attention to. Just as a dog can hear things that people can’t and insects can see colors in flowers that people can’t, intuition is how we access real but subtle information, just beyond the range of our “normal” senses.

The most common of these intuitive senses is clairsentience, the ability to pick up on someone’s energy and feel what they are feeling by running their energy through your body. You can also feel the energy of various environments by running the energy through your body. Mother’s intuition is a rich combination of energy cords sending feelings and information back and forth between a mother and her child, the mother’s knowledge of her child, and information gathered from her regular senses.

Clairvoyance meaning clear seeing, and clairaudience, clear hearing, are other common high sense tools people use. We all utilize the subtle ranges of our senses to some degree. People who are naturally intuitive or have developed their intuition, through training, are better at tuning into high sense information, interpreting the meaning, and most importantly following through on the information. These abilities are part of our birthright as humans and can be taught and developed like any other skill.

There are many common uses of language that describe high sense perception. For example if I said, “That person has a dark cloud over his head” you would know I was describing someone who was worried or depressed. Looking at this person clairvoyantly he would actually appear to have a dark mass of energy above or around his head, clouding his ability to bring in his life-force energy. A “wet blanket” would be clairvoyantly seen or clairsentiently felt, as a heavy, oppressive energy wrapping around someone’s aura or energy field.

Realize it or not, we all pick up on the subtle energy that is an extension of our five senses. When this information is trusted and integrated with our five senses and recognizable patterns, we arrive at an intuitive answer derived from a mixture of conscious and unconscious processes. When we trust our high sense perceptions we have the added advantage of additional information to help us make decisions and navigate our way through life.