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Happy New Year 2024

My new year’s day mediation started with a vision of a bright streak of sunlight emerging from below the horizon. It was still  dark and clouds filled the sky. Turbulence was by no means gone BUT for the first time in a long time  light was breaking through.

Symbolically the sun was rising and with it, the relief and hope that daylight brings. The sliver of light signaled the time. Time for a change. Dawn piercing the night sky, mercilessly replacing darkness with light. Challenging us to squint and let our eyes adjust. Overcoming disappointment, battling jadedness and audaciously daring to hope again.

Not a clueless naive hope but a wise hope born from understanding cycles. Day follows night. Night follows day. Realizing the season and time of day involves being PRESENT, feeling energy shifts and trusting your intuition. It is not always easy and requires a high level of trust and communication between your spirit and body.

A regular mediation practice can build that connection and confidence; grounding you in the present while glimpsing the future. Envisioning a light filled future while darkness and chaos still rein requires courage. Overcome cynicism and habit. Dare to invest in a positive dream. The sun is rising. The return journey has started. Momentum is building. Light is returning. Wishing you hope in 2024,

Winter 2024 Applied Intuition Courses

Are you a sensitive person wanting to develop your intuition? What if you could use a proven method to go from psychic sponge to empowered healer?

Applied Intuition teaches empaths, healers, and the spiritually curious how to consistently access their intuition to heal themselves and others in a safe and grounded way. Upcoming Applied Intuition classes over Zoom include:

Advanced Clairvoyant Certification Training  Jan. 9 to Dec. 10, 2024, Tuesdays 5:45 to 8 PM (Pacific) more info.

(You must have completed the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing class).

Winter Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course Feb. 11th – April 28th, 2024, Sundays 11 AM to 1:15 PM (Pacific) Click here for more info.

To register for classes, book a reading or for more information contact: Tahara Ezrahti at apppliedintuition@cox.net  or (805) 364-0195.

Learn More About Using Color to Heal

Connect More Deeply With Your Pet Through a Clairvoyant Reading

Tahara Ezrahti, professional clairvoyant and clairvoyant development teacher talks about communicating with pets and how a clairvoyant reading can help you check-in with your pet regarding: Integrating with family members (human and animal), reincarnations, health and behavior issues, communicating with pets who have passed on and more. You can even book a reading for yourself and include questions about your pet. Contact Tahara at appliedintuition@cox.net  (805) 364-0195.

How Can Applied Intuition Readings and Classes Help You?

https://youtu.be/IOPl95HMq2Q I’m a trained clairvoyant with over 35 years experience. I’ve helped 1000’s of people just like you, connect with their higher self and wisdom to get the clarity, healing and direction they need to move forward. Email, text or call today to sign-up for classes or schedule a reading over the phone or Zoom. appliedintuition@cox.net  (805) 364-0195.

TaharaHappy New Year from my family to yours, Tahara Ezrahti